Litigation pr


Litigation pr

We have dedicated a large part of our life to the management of media-judicial affairs.

Litigation Public Relations (or Litigation PR) are journalistic and public relations activities aimed at managing the communication process during legal proceedings or disputes.

It is a set of activities that aims to influence the consequences or the impact of the story on the reputation of a person or a company by operating in a harmonious and consistent manner with the timing of the proceedings.

In the United States - but now more and more frequently also in Italy - every day we understand the decisive importance that communication has in relation to justice (and vice versa).

Imagining facing a trial or investigation without supporting the legal team with a team of expert communicators in the field is like facing a war without aviation.

In line with what has been happening professionally for years in Anglo-Saxon countries and in Germany, we therefore offer communication support to some of the most prestigious law firms at national level.

In our field we are known and appreciated for the competence, sensitivity and respect of all the players in the field: suspects, defendants, lawyers, magistrates, law enforcement agencies. Here's what we can do: - We avoid that a dispute is influenced by the disparity between prosecution and defence; - We accompany the judicial news by protecting the position of the defence or the civil party; - We protect the client's reputation before and during the trial / dispute; - We neutralize or reduce negative advertising; - We disclose the customer's point of view; - We explain complex legal issues to fellow journalists and the general public; - We favour the resolution of conflicts or media incidents.